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Minimal Orthodontics for major root movement: How to save natural teeth and minimize prosthesis

Workshop Reg. Fees: INR 1770 (1500+270)
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Congenital missing, severe caries, periodontitis and eruption disturbance not only cause loss of teeth but also initiate disruption of dental arch integrity such as migration of adjacent tooth, extrusion of the counterparts. Rehabilitation of the dental apparatus is undoubtedly the main task of dental clinicians. Recent studies revealed, however, limited longevity of artificial prostheses including dental implants. Autotransplantation of viable tooth tends to exhibit various pathologic statuses over a long term.

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Why orthodontics? How to grow bone & roots?

  • Understanding biology & how to apply
  • Basic biomechanics & 3D single tooth control
10:30 - 11:00

High Tea


How to control molars? Minimal approach for molar root movement

  • Molar uprighting/intrusion using MAPS/MAUS
  • Molar root movement using MARS

Lunch break


How to control incisors? Minimal approach for incisor root movement

  • Understanding the continuous arch biomechanics
  • If you want ‘control’, get back to ‘eighteen’!

High Tea


Non-prosthetic treatment for adults, middle ages and over

  • Reconstruction of compromised cases for non-prosthetic treatment
  • Periodontally compromised cases & troubleshootings: intrusion vs extrusion

Dr Kee Joon Lee


Yonsei University

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